Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme – Full Detail

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme
Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme

Dairy entrepreneurship provides a very big scale of employment and supplementary income to a large number of people, and the dairy sector contributes significantly to poverty reduction in rural areas.

What is Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme ?

The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries (DADF) launched  the Central Sector “Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme”. 

This scheme has been implemented by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Eligibility and Process to Get the Benefits of Dairy Entrepreneurship Scheme

So now we are going to gain knowledge about eligible people under dairy entrepreneurship development scheme:

Eligible Beneficiaries under Dairy Entrepreneurship Scheme:- 

  • An individual entrepreneur
  • A farmer
  • Group of farmers
  • Self Help Groups 
  • Dairy Cooperative Societies
  • District Milk Unions 
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions 

These all can apply for a dairy entrepreneurship development scheme, these all are eligible for this.

Now let’s talk about the process to get the benefits of dairy entrepreneurship scheme:

The government, under the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme is providing subsidy through NABARD on dairy installation and dairy products equipment.

  • As per DEDS, dairy entrepreneurship development scheme a person will get 25% capital subsidy on the total cost of dairy installation. 
  • An SC/ST candidate may get up to 33% subsidy. 
  • The subsidy is extendable for only up to 10 animals. 
  • For one animal the central government provides Rs 17,750 as subsidy. 
  • For SC/ST people the subsidy becomes Rs 23,300 per animal. 
  • A general category person can avail up to Rs 1.77 lac worth of subsidy upon opening a ten-animal dairy.

Subsidy on Dairy Equipment:

  • As per the scheme, one person can also purchase equipment for the manufacture of dairy products. 
  • On the purchase of a Rs 13.20 lac machine, that person can avail 25% capital subsidy (Rs 3.30 lac). 
  • SC/ST candidates can get Rs 4.40 lac worth of subsidy.

Subsidy on Milk Cold Storage: 

  • The Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme also provides subsidy for the installation of cold storage units in order to preserve milk and milk products. 
  • Cold storage may cost Rs 33 lac so the government shall give up to Rs 8.25 lac to general applicant and Rs 11 lac to SC/ST applicant as subsidy.
  • So by following these different processes you people can avail for the different types of benefits.

This scheme has multiple objectives such as:

  • This scheme is implemented for generating self-employment.
  • This scheme is generating opportunities in the dairy sectors.
  • This scheme is providing infrastructure for the dairy sector.
  • It is going to set up  modern dairy farms. 
  • It is providing infrastructure for production of clean milk.
  • It is increasing the development of good breeding stock.
  • It is bringing structural changes in the unorganized dairy sector, by following this process initial processing of milk can be taken up at the village level.
  • It is upgrading traditional technology to handle milk work on a commercial scale.
  • It is covering activities such as enhancement of milk production,transportation, processing and marketing of milk. 
  • This scheme provides back ended capital subsidy for reliable projects.

Dairy entrepreneurs can actually contribute to the society in the following areas:

  • Dairy entrepreneurs can create jobs for the large section of unemployed educated youth.
  • Dairy entrepreneurs can create sustainability of commercial dairy production.
  • Dairy entrepreneurs can introduce new technologies and new products through entrepreneurial spirit.
  • They can reduce poverty, nutritional hunger through dairy development.
  • Dairy entrepreneurs can give their contribution in increasing income and equity.

Here i am sharing the 5 entrepreneurs name who are changing milk drinking in india:

  1. Devendra Shah – Founder, Parag Milk Foods
  2. Aalekh Agarwal – Founder, Cowboys.desi
  3. S Nagarajan – Managing Director, Mother Dairy
  4. Srikumar Misra – Managing Director & CEO, Milk Mantra
  5. RS Sodhi – Managing Director, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Amul)

Why Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme is Launched & When it is Launched

Why it is Launched :-

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme is launched by the government to extend

assistance for setting up small dairy farms and other components to bring structural

changes in the dairy sector.

When it is Launched:-

The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries (DAHD&F) launched a pilot scheme titled “Venture Capital Scheme for Dairy and Poultry” in the year 2005-06.

While a mid-term evaluation, some specific recommendations were made to accelerate the pace of implementation of the scheme. 

When the department received representations from various quarters including the farmers, Governments and banks, DAHD&F determined to make some changes to the scheme, including changing its name to Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS).

The revised scheme has come into operation from 1 September 2010.

How People are Getting Advantages of Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 

In this scheme farmers are getting a big advantage of loan which is of worth Rs 7 lakh for 10 animal units, Minimum limit is of two animals and highest limit is of ten animals. 

25 percent of the project cost will be applicable as per the back ended capital subsidy.

Some other advantages of this scheme:-

  • It is a very environment friendly business because producing dairy foods requires natural resources such as energy, land and water so this can never arise pollution which is happening because of many industries. 
  • Dairy community takes environmental stewardship seriously and is committed to contributing to sustainable food systems.
  • It would be having a very big advantage of increasing demand for milk products, because this demand is rapidly increasing day by day.
  • Cow dung is a good organic manure that increases soil fertility, so it can also be a very good advantage of dairy business.
  • Cow dung can be used for the production of biogas, so by this also this business will play a big role in the dairy farming industry.

So as we have talked about many things regarding Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme so as per me all the people who want to step in this entrepreneurship they will get all the knowledge about that.

I hope this article will be useful for you and you will be able to find all your questions answers which are clicking in your mind from a long time so get your answers and take a further step towards your goal.

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